August 1-3,  2022 – schedule at bottom

The November career fair will allow candidates to participate in some or ALL of the following.

  • Attend the Zoom Transition Workshop on 1AUG with a dozen nukes (and no company reps) to answer some of the most often asked questions** and give overview of Power Conference
  • In person event on 2AUG in greater DC/Arlington VA if you live in the area with some company reps and ex navy nukes
  • Visit virtual industry and grad school tables on 3 AUG via Zoom with ex nukes answering questions.   Examples:  Investment banking/PE, Med school,  B school , startups, etc.

** Example question  – ” Should I take a shore tour?”    Answer – Better question is IF I take a shore tour where should I take it.


Conference schedule

1 AUG 1830-2100 EST
Zoom Transition Webinar – Mike and Board Members answer all transition/industry/grad school/shore tour questions… no company reps in attendance.


2 AUG 1700-2100+ EST  In person Career Fair.

Companies and candidates will mingle at Ritz Carlton Pentagon City – Arlington, VA

3 AUG 1300-2000 EST. Virtual Career Fair.
Companies will have slots of time where they will staff their virtual Zoom “tables”