Companies and Schools Attending Career Fair on August 2nd in Washington DC.

Current company list for 2 August job fair in DC:



Blue Origin

Boston Consulting Group

Booz Allen Hamilton


Custom Analysis



Georgia Pacific


JP Morgan Chase

JRC Integrated Systems

Koch Industries

Los Alamos National Laboratory 

Naval Nuclear Laboratory

Northrop Grumman

Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited

Schneider Electric

Spire – receiving resumes

Systems Planning and Analysis (SPA)



US Power Partners

Univeristy of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business


* Updated July 10th


Companies will continue to be added as they commit.    There will be a total of 20-22 companies and schools


The companies and schools that have attended past job fairs can be found HERE.

Many of the same companies will be attending this conference in August.  Some new ones have expressed interest too.


There will be GI Bill information available and all schools will be able to brief how their school works with the VA and Yellow Ribbon Fund.

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