Current Nuke Officer Meetups

2020 Schedule

*** Updated – 5/31 – Norfolk,  Annapolis,  New London,  Portsmouth, Saratoga events rescheduled.  Boston and Chicago cancelled.  Bangor/Bremerton July meetup still TBD  ***

A Meetup is a networking event where nukes can come and ask the questions they have OR just learn “gouge” about post Navy careers… while making friends/contacts… over food and drink

**Meetups are free**

14 February – San Diego meetups – (4) one lunch in Pacific Beach, one coffee near Point Loma  two evening happy hours near Point Loma
18-19 February – Pearl Harbor meetups (4)- two lunches and two happy hours near base

9-10 March – Kings Bay/Jax meetups -(5) – one coffee and two lunch near Kings Bay and drinks/apps in Fernandina Beach one and Riverside (Jax) second night

11 March – Atlanta meetup – (2)  lunch and drinks/apps near Peach Tree Center
12-13 March- Charleston meetups -(4) two happy hours, one coffee and one lunch

9 June – Portsmouth, NH – outside coffee AND outside lunch AND outside evening social near Naval Shipyard
12 May –  Boston meetup – lunch AND happy hour near Back Bay
 10 June –  New London/Mystic meetup – outside lunch in New London, outside drinks/apps at Engine Room, Mystic, AND outside coffee next AM near base
11 June – Saratoga meetups – outside lunch AND outside drinks/apps in Saratoga

 15 June – Annapolis  meetup – (2)  outside lunch AND outside evening social in DTA
 16 June – Norfolk  meetups – (6) two outside coffees, two outside  lunches and two outside happy hours convenient to sub and carrier bases

June – Chicago meetup – TBD

July – Bangor/Bremerton meetup – TBD

7 August 2019  – Power Conference DC – Arlington VA

September – Bangor/Bremerton meetup – doing 2nd meetup to include boomer sailors we have been missing with bad timing of trips

4 November 2019 – Power Conference Seattle – Bainbridge WA

February 2021 – Hawaii/Guam meetups

For more information call 443-994-8761 or email