How NUPOCC is helping veterans find their ideal job


In the above episode, you’ll learn more about:

  1. Work / life balance – I don’t think this is talked about enough, but Michael does a really good job discussing how to factor this in to your career path & decision.
  2. Career fair -Michael is the one who runs that career fair. It’s free, it helps a ton of vets… I’d go so far to say that NUPOCC is advantageous to veterans in a way that comes at Michael’s expense. Check it out – it’s really great and I know all of you listening on active duty or who have recently transitioned would benefit from it.
  3. Startups – Michael has started two different companies, and has great advice on starting small.

How to Run a Great Conference with Michael Bradley



In the above episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to turn your talent and passion into a sustainable business
  • How to host a conference and market your event to maximize attendance
  • How to attract top-tier attendees to your conference
  • How to use “meet-ups” to generate new leads for your business

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