Why Nuke Job Fair

Why Nuke Job Fair

The first and best reason to have a career fair for Navy nukes is that there currently isn’t one.


Navy nuke officers are the best option for most careers or educational institutions.  They are generally college engineering or technical majors with high GPAs that receive more technical knowledge through Naval Reactors.   They are then are molded into leaders by the fleet and given the responsibility of leading enlisted sailors and fellow officers.

This conference is going to allow the best that the Navy and possibly country has to offer to interact with the best companies and schools the country has to offer.   Med schools, business schools, and law schools all have nukes currently in their ranks and welcome them with open arms.   Companies love nukes’ technical background, the way their Naval Reactors’ minds think and their leadership acumen.


This conference is a win for both the companies and schools as well as the nukes.

The Candidate
“This conference was far more professional and worthwhile than other conferences. The quality of companies that attended really set apart the Power Conference from other job fairs.”

The Company
“The Power Conference provides a high-quality market of candidates with plenty of time to talk with them.”


For the companies and schools that are unaware of what a Navy nuke officer is, here are four examples from people that attended DC the conference:


Candidate 1)  Bachelors from Notre Dame in Economics, fast attack submarine tour, currently attending top business school

Candidate  2) Bachelors from Naval Academy in Electrical Engineering, ballistic missile submarine tour, Masters in Engineering Management

Candidate 3) Double major in Philosophy and Computer Science from Vanderbilt University, ballistic missile submarine tour, Masters in Nuclear Engineering

Candidate 4) Economics major and varsity athlete from Naval Academy, ballistic missile submarine tour, currently on shore tour and planning to attend business/graduate school.

The conference is for ALL nuke officers of all ages and warfare specialities not just Junior Officer submariners.  

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